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Guerilla Marketing for the win

Achieve a lot with the least possible use of financial resources – this is the goal of offline marketing, also known as guerrilla marketing. The advertising effect results from a particularly unusual or unusual presentation of the advertising message and the surprise effect. Because Guerilla marketing takes place exactly, where one does not expect it as a target group actually. Thus everything and everyone becomes a potential marketing channel. We have for you 5 ideas for range-strong Guerilla marketing.

Over the last few years, the education sector has steadily developed towards individual responsibility for the learning process. This has also significantly raised the expectations of students and parents of their own educational institutions. It is therefore becoming increasingly important for schools and universities to invest in their external perception. This begins with the logo and ideally ends in a school atmosphere that authentically reflects the values and vision of the educational institution. In order to survive in the education market, they must therefore position themselves clearly.

1. Sticker

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Sticker marketing can literally help you get stuck in the minds of your target group. The advantage of this advertising channel: producing stickers is very cost effective, the cost per impression is very low and their effect is sustainable. Basically, stickers are the physical offline version of your social media channels. Adequately designed and appropriately distributed, they continuously help you to achieve cost-effective reach. They also help you to generate contacts with your target group and initiate word-of-mouth advertising. Whether you distribute your stickers by hand or by mail, high-quality stickers have a higher perceived value than many other promotional items (e.g. business cards, brochures, or flyers). What is the reason for this?

It’s because stickers make recipients feel like they’re receiving a gift, not advertising. Furthermore, the throw-away hurdle is higher and the recipient is directly involved in your guerrilla marketing campaign: “Where could I place this sticker”, “Who would be happy about this sticker / the sticker’s message”, “Cool campaign – I definitely want to support the product/brand!

Once your stickers are distributed, they travel through the everyday life of potential customers and therefore achieve countless impressions for your brand – and all this without any additional costs!

2. Murals

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Renting advertising space can be very expensive. Nevertheless, there are ways to get them at a reasonable price: For example, you can use your own property to position your brand physically, e.g. by posters, chalk art on windows or graffiti.

A strategically well-positioned poster on a community notice board or an eye-catching wall painting on your own store wall are great ways to reach walk-in customers. Everything within the official city regulations can and should be used to draw attention to you and your brand. Because in everything you do, you should be sure that you don’t need a permit, or even have one. There are countless possibilities to get advertising space at a reasonable price. All you need is creativity. In the foreground of your guerrilla marketing campaign should always be the aspect of doing something that people would stop for. Something that people like to look at, think about and possibly share.

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3. Give-Aways

Free samples or give-aways are the easiest way to literally put your product into the hands of potential customers. Besides your product, there is a variety of promotional items and gifts with which you can draw attention to yourself and your brand.

For example, if you run an ice cream store, you can distribute free vouchers for a scoop of ice cream. In addition, you can use a mobile mini ice cream station to attract new customers to your ice cream. There are also various ways of attracting attention to a service. The handing out of work samples is of course a little more difficult than with a haptic product as a sales aid. Nevertheless, you can still distribute discount vouchers and offer special promotions. Your main tool is ideally the internet. Because here you have endless possibilities to publish free guides, work samples and other tools.

Of course, you set the framework for your guerrilla marketing campaign yourself. But it should fit you and your product. Accordingly, you can give away give-aways at trade fairs and events, find influencers who find your product interesting, or strive for cooperations where your samples are published together with other products.

But no matter if it’s a service or a product, it’s all about giving potential customers something tangible. Whatever you want to sell, it is important to give them an aspect of your product or service that they can relate to. There is also a chance that people will feel obliged to give you something in return – even if it’s only 5 minutes of their time to learn about your product.

Make sure that your give-aways contain enough information about you and your product so that interested people can find out more online later.

4. Pop-Up Stores

They are easy to set up and dismantle, are usually located in prominent locations and attract curious customers – pop-up stores. With these temporary stores, you effectively bring your POS directly to your customers within a short period of time.

The right location is essential for the success of your pop-up store. It’s not about the type of store – there are hardly any limits to your possibilities, but rather about the location. You can open your pop-up store in an office, at a trade fair, inside another store, in a gallery, a shopping center, on a busy street corner, or in an old shipping container. Creativity Ahoy!

When choosing the perfect location, you should consider both the exterior and the interior of the store: Which potential target group do I address in this area? Which stores and locations are located in the area – would my store be a complement? Are there parking facilities in the vicinity? Does the location have a large shop window or a large, conspicuous entrance sign? Is there a warehouse where you can store your goods? Is there a possibility for Wifi so that credit card payments can be made etc.

The concept of a pop-up store allows you to address potential customers in a surprising way with a temporary store unit. This way you can display your products exactly where your customers usually hang out.

With your store you appeal to the curiosity of your target group and make sure that they tell their friends and acquaintances about their unusual discovery. The discovery of the existence of your store and the time limit of your physical appearance, provide mouth-to-mouth advertising and directly give your brand a certain image, depending on the interior design and layout of your store.

5. Geofencing

Geofencing combines your guerilla marketing with social media apps. The technology enables you to send information and advertising to the smartphones of potential customers within a certain area. Using the smartphone GPS you can, for example, launch coupons for a free cocktail on the smartphone of your target group. To use geofencing as a marketing tool, you need apps that are relevant for you and your brand and support this technology. The best known apps with very high reach are Snapchat and Instagram.

Snapchat offers on-demand custom geofilters that allow you to do location based marketing. For less than $10 you can upload and use your own geo filter. Once uploaded, you can use your filter to reach many Snapchat users in your area. As soon as they upload a story or snap and click through the filters, your filter will be offered.

You can use such a filter for example to grant exclusive discounts or to guarantee special offers to users with their “Snap + your filter”. You can also use geofencing to open your pop-up store. In this way you can give users at certain locations the opportunity to participate in an exclusive opening offer or party. In this way they benefit from their special status through geofencing and share their offline experience with their followers. Win-Win.


Instagram also offers the geofencing service with its stories and hashtag locations. With very specific hashtags you have the possibility to post locations, special offers and discount coupons via your own account. You can also link them so that they are visible for everyone. By additionally asking your followers to use these hashtags when uploading their pictures to benefit from certain offers, you can reach even more people.

Geofencing with social media blurs the line between online and offline marketing by asking your target audience to share their local offline experiences with their online followers.

Beyond social media there are more and more companies that use geofencing to reach their target group surprisingly. But since this usually requires a separate app, such variants are reserved for large companies that can easily bear the costs of app development.

In short: location, location, location

Finally, we have summarized for you once again what is important for these variants in guerrilla marketing.

The first priority for all ideas is the right location analysis. Because only if you know which road users (pedestrians, cyclists, cars, etc.) you want to reach, you can calculate at which location you will get the highest possible range within your target group.

Creativity knows no limits

Your idea must be extraordinary and make potential customers stop. It has to arouse curiosity and for this you need not only a bombastic idea but also an optimal strategy. And here we come to the next point: A good idea and high reach alone are not enough if you don’t manage to communicate your message. Because even if you attract attention with your action, the real difficulty lies in finding creative ways to make your brand message clear.

In everything you do, remember that the line between legal and illegal guerilla marketing can be a fine one. So make sure that you don’t annoy your potential new customers with your campaign or break any rules. You should also take into account unpredictable variables such as the weather or the risk of theft.

Finally, you should use your offline marketing to complement your online marketing and vice versa. Both marketing variants should always complement each other. We have summarized a few tips on e-mail marketing for you. Your target group must be able to create a connection between your online and offline brand presence. The measurability of such offline marketing actions is of course not comparable with targeted online marketing. Rather, success stands and falls with the creativity and execution of your action. A pinch of luck to be in the right place at the right time is of course also necessary.

And finally: No matter what you do, your potential customers should have the name of your brand as a minimum. Only then will they know what to google.